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New Pink Couch Video, and Album Update! 

My new album "Almost Home' has been sent off for mastering! 
I'll keep you posted, but it will be available soon. Thanks so much to all of you wonderfuls 
who pre-ordered a long time ago! I appreciate your support and patience.

To celebrate the final step of the album being in process, the uber-talened Jeff Haynes and I are
excited to present a Pink Couch video of a track from the album, the tender little ballad 'Winter Stars.'

Enjoy, and please share!!!  :)

Songs on a Pink Couch, Season 3 debut episode! Look at Miss Ohio, by Gillian Welch. 

Well friends, it's time for another season of Songs On A Pink Couch!

Click the Link Below to see what all the fuss is about.

Jeff Haynes and I start this season off with an incense and Irish Whiskey fuelled version
of 'Look at Miss Ohio' by one of our greatest living song-writers, Gillian Welch.

Jeff is playing his amazing Gibson J-185, strung with Ernie Ball Aluminum Bronze 12's, 
I'm playing the trusty old Underdawg, my 1965 Gibson J-50, strung with the new prototype D'Daddario
Nickel Bronze 12's.

Enjoy responsibly.

Look At Miss Ohio, Pink Couch Session!