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Final Friday's @ Hog 'n Penny!

The Hog N' Penny, 9 Matchedash St. N., Orillia

"Halloween Haters" edition of Final Friday's with Darrin Davis.

No costumes, no tooth-rotting candy. And a personal promise that "Monster Mash" will not be played.

Halloween is the worst. Come celebrate that it is almost over.


Private Party

Totally secret, man!

I can't really say. Super secret! So secret, I won't even know until an hour before!


Homecoming Show!

 —  —

The Second Wedge Brewing Co., 14 Victoria St., Uxbridge

Looking forward to returning to my old stomping grounds! Always love playing at The Second Wedge! I'll be joined by my banjo-buddy Sean Patrick, and rumour has it that my pal and CGG (Certified Guitar Guru) Jeff Haynes may also make an appearance...


DDB with Winnie Brave!

St. Paul's Centre: A Place for Gathering, 62 Peter St. N., Orillia

Amy and I played a show in Toronto many years ago now, and Winnie Brave (nee Hey Amy!) were also on the bill. We hit it off like old fools, and the rest is historically enticing. Very excited to see these terrific travelling troubadours again, after too long a time!

Tickets: $10 at the door


Darrin Davis and Sean Patrick at the C&C!

 —  —

Ciboulette et Cie, 290 King Street, Midland

Excited to be back at this amazing emporium of worldly delights with my banjonisto buddy, Sean Patrick! (We will be eating plenty of delicious tacos this night. Mark my words.)